It’s March, so it’s still cold out and I usually don’t think about gardening this early, especially up at camp. Camp Northern Light, my casa #2. But the snow will melt soon and I know there will be lots of yard clean up, pruning and getting the house ready for the summer season.

Our dock will need some work too and my brother and husband have ideas of grandeur when it comes to docks. Right now  it’s a great design for a floating dock. Our pond goes up and down with the seasons, the amount of rainfall and snowfall. Last year was bad. Spring wasn’t very rainy and the snow melt was minimal.

low water

The main part of the dock is stationary and the floating dock is on a hinge. It was like a ski slope going to the floating dock last year because the water was so low.



The guys want to make the stationary dock larger and stronger. I think they want to double the size and bring the staircase in at a different direction. I remember some beer stained plans being drawn up a few months ago. I’ll have to dig for them and post them on the blog. We will see what comes of these grand plans.

2 responses to “Docks

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