Happy St. Paddy’s Day, from the Irish Riviera


Aye and it’s St Paddy’s day on the Jersey Shore Irish Riviera. Nothing like starting the morning at Harrigans Pub with a Bloody Mary then onto a Porkroll Egg and Cheese and a Guiness. Now if your not from the Jersey Shore there is much to learn. First, you can’t throw a blarney stone without hitting an Irish Pub. Second, it’s not enough to have a St Paddy’s day, you have to have a “Half way to St Paddys Day” in September, The parades are never on St Paddy’s because it would interfere with drinking, so you have them every weekend March leading up to the actual day. Cornedbeef and cabbage make a great cold sandwich  (use the cooked cabbage like lettuce). Beano sales go up and Irish Car Bombs go down (the hatch). Yes… It’s a learning curve even to this seasoned American of Sicilian and Swedish decent who has lived here for more than 30 years. My children harbor no such curve, they are Jersey Shore Girls through and through. But for them, it’s about the porkroll egg and cheese. (and maybe a irish car bomb or two).

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