The Wall – All in all it’s just another jewel in the wall

Puerto Rico is built with cement. Lots and lots of cement. The houses are cement block, the outside walls are cement block and everything is painted. It’s a tropical thing. First you have hurricanes and cement houses are sturdy and don’t fall down. Second, it’s a tropical climate, there are insects, mold and worst of all, termites that can destroy anything that is in their path. So cement works well, and it’s not bad looking UNLESS you don’t take care of it. We have some new cement walls in our yard that lead down to our patio and also “La Vida Baja” our studio apartment. We also have a wonky wall that actually hold up the patio.


We started repairing and painting “The Wall” or one of “The” Walls.


When we return in April, Bob will start painting the large wall outside LaVidaBaja and I will start doing a never ending mosaic.

I’ve dabbled in mosaics a few times. Years ago I used tiles to mosaic our downstairs bathroom by completely recovering the vanity, mirror and medicine cupboard. It was fun and I really enjoyed the creative process.

This time besides tile I am going to incorporate sea glass, shells and tons of costume jewelry. I have boxes of jewelry that I have collected from auctions over the years. Most are cheap costume jewelry, clip on earrings from the 1940’s and 50‘s that are not in good enough shape to sell or keep to use. I also have loads of brooches. This should be fun!


My Pièce de résistance will be the use of a brooch I thought I lost years ago.


the Octopus

I can’t wait to begin.

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