Storm Clouds


It’s been 143 days or 4 months and 21 days or 20 weeks and 3 days or 3,432 hours.. since the storm that changed all our lives on the Jersey Shore. My husband has been saying for years this storm would come. Bob and his friends had a bad feeling about 2012 hurricane season, they said the water was just too warm. Anyone who is a surfer, or lives with a surfer knows it’s not a sport. It’s a culture, a way of life, and your every day life revolves around something to do with it. Even when surfers aren’t at the beach they are reading about it, talking about it and most of all CHECKING THE WEATHER. These guys are pro’s. Every night of my married life I have listened to a NOAA weather radio that sits on Bob’s night stand. Before we fall asleep we know the wave conditions at Ambrose Light, the marine buoy winds, wave heights, wave period, and atmospheric pressure all told by a computer voice that says the word “feet” in a upward lilting voice.

It’s a comfort to listen to it. You feel warm and snuggled in your bed and hear about an approaching storm and feel safe. That changed after October 29, 2012. Now every storm no matter how small seems to loom over our heads. Our bed that always felt like a safe nest when we listened to NOAA now has emergency lighting nearby.


It’s getting better, our towns, our mental health and every time we see progress we sigh a little bit and think… It’s ok.. we’ll be ok…

Manasquan Update Post Sandy Progress Part II   <——(click)

for now.

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