Before and After

Nothing gets you motivated to spring clean like a good before and after picture. I never looked at a side by side picture of our little casa in Rincon from 2008 to now. Some changes are subtle and some are large

Casa1old casa1New

When we bought the house in 2008, the property had been on the market for a few years the problem was the owner had died and it was her estate that was handling the sale. Now even in the best of times closing on a house in Puerto Rico is not easy. Luckily it was going to be a cash sale, which made it easier. The mother of the owner lived in Germany and things have to move quickly and smoothly in order to close in the allotted time. If you go over the time limit, Puerto Rico government shuts down the sale and you can’t close. Don’t ask.. I don’t understand it either. But, luckily for us all went well and we became homeowners in “La Isla del Encanto”.


casaOLD CasaNEW 

Now we knew that the house would have loads of underlying problems. The electric and plumbing needed to be redone, or at least updated. The roof of the house only needed to be sealed, but the garage roof needed to be replaced. The yard was a jungle and we are still in search of the septic tank. All manageable, all time consuming but not drastic.

Our little studio apartment under the garage needed a lot of attention. It had a full bathroom (small as it is) but no kitchenette.

lavidaOLD lavidaNEW

The rest of the studio was just in need of some TLC. Now it’s perfect for our family overflow or as a surf rental.

The house is small but perfect for us. The main room is the kitchen/living/dining and then there are two bedrooms.

Why oh WHY is there no *Target in Puerto Rico?? Or IKEA! We have the dreaded home Depot that carries every piece of crap that the mainland doesn’t want (I exaggerate, but not much). There is also a Marshall’s/Home Goods that also carries a load of crap. Unless you drive 2 hours to San Juan, your kind of stuck with whatever is local. It’s not really as bad as I make it out to be, you can find a few nice things and I drag suitcases full of stuff from the mainland.

It’s a labor of love. It’s an ongoing project.

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