More Mosaics

When we leave for Rincon next week, I think my suitcase is going to be about 100 lbs.

I’m not taking any clothes, shoes, or toiletries. The most personal thing in my suitcase will be a small makeup bag and a few charging cords for my phone and ipad.

The rest of my suitcase will be loaded with stuff for my mosaic walls.


Several years ago we put a new backsplash in our kitchen, the tile is called tumbled seaglass. I still have a few sheets left along with a few pieces of glass bamboo. Along with the tiles I have stone from a bathroom and fireplace renovation. How many people carry rocks in their bags? I will also have about ten pounds of old jewelry to use too.


This was my last mosaic project. It’s in our downstairs bathroom and its a small cupboard in between the studs. It’s great for some everyday medicines and bandages, but it’s also large enough for all our sunscreens, lotions and bug sprays.


One of the reasons I want to mosaic our walls in Rincon is because of the beautiful steps that lead down into our yard. When we bought the house, most of these were covered. The jungle had taken over the valley and we had no idea that there were 35 steps leading into the bottom of our yard.

I love these stairs but they are slippery when wet! I think one of the reasons the previous owner put the stairs in was because she owned horses. There was a stable at the bottom of the valley and they use to toss hay down below. I still find horse shoes down there although the stable is long gone.

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