Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

That should be my trademark. I always seem to have many projects going at once. Image

There is a sweet little store that opened near me on the Jersey Shore. It’s called “Sailor Trading Company”. When the owner Kerry opened the store she had a terrific idea, she wanted to take on consignment:  furnishings, household goods and crafts that had a “salty” feeling about it. Something that would reflect the Jersey Shore or life at the beach. There are loads of us crafty types here and before long she had sea glass jewelry, driftwood candle holders and beachy pillows. My “craft du jour” was quilts.


Not everyday patchwork quilts, but nautical or surfing quilts made with old T-shirts (well washed of course). Since Bob and I have run the annual Surfrider Longboard Classic Contest for years and years I had loads of T-shirts. We also help with several other surf events so we have so many doubles, triples and extras that I could make dozens of quilts. The first one I made lasted about a week in the store before it sold.


The second one lasted about an hour before it sold and I asked quite a bit more.


The third languished on and on until I just decided to take it back. I think the second quilt sold so quickly because I used nautical fabric instead of surf shirts.


I’ll make another nautical one soon and see if I’m right.


I plan to make surf quilts for family, one of these days.

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