Spring hasn’t Sprung plus a Before and After

I think everyone in the North East is feeling the effects of a long winter. It just doesn’t seem to end. Sure it’s April 3rd 2013 and it’s been spring for the past 2 weeks, but when will it feel like “Spring”?

When I think about it, I think we say this EVERY year. Spring isn’t the nicest season, at least  not to me. I’m hot and cold, wet and full of pollen. It’s just blah. I think we have a childhood memory of spring that is not really a full memory of weather. It’s more about baseball, Easter, spring flowers and it’s closer to the end of the school year.


I want it to feel like summer. Like these pictures of my backyard where we live  in the warm weather.


I want to sit under my deck roof and read a book or sit in the pool.


I want to eat under our pergola


I want to cut fresh sage that Confucius guards


Last year I took an old chandelier that we use under the pergola when we have parties. It’s looking a bit dusty and dark. I decided it needed an extreme makeover.

chandelierDARK Cropped  chandelier2CROPPED


Spray paint is my best friend, I can change things in a few hours, which is exactly what I did. I changed the colors to bright turquoise and yellow. I changed the hardware that hold the crystals and even added a uber bright scrunchie to cover the chain and cord.

If I get sick of it, it’s easy enough to change.


I also changed a black candle chandelier. Another UBER bright project. It’s a fun look.

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