No es facil

ImageThis is the stuff that tries your patience in Puerto Rico. NOTHING is easy! Some trips we make here are wonderful, full of beach days and surf. Other trips are nothing but GREAT frustration. This is one of those trips.

1. Electric (or lack thereof). We have a transformer to the right of our house. It’s an old transformer and several have been replaced on our street, but not ours. It causes major flux in the power to the house and some days it trips half the house of power, for hours and hours at a time. We have power in the bedrooms but none in the kitchen or livingroom. We end up running extension cords to keep things going. Now you would think after SEVERAL complaints by the neighbors and us that this would get some attention. NOPE. So today I am planning my attack. We are waiting to hear from someone who spoke to the electric company yesterday, if there is nothing done today I am calling them and saying the transformer is throwing out sparks .. come quick. We will see.

2. Water pressure (or lack thereof again)  – this seems to be a problem AGAIN. sometimes it’s great, other times it’s not. Don’t think I can tackle that right now.

3. Rotting Deck. Seriously??? It’s 4 years old and it has some rot. Bob is replacing the pieces and then building a pergola above it so we can sit out when it rains. Fingers crossed.

4. Weed Wackers – If one more of my trees gets wacked, I’m gonna wack someone.

So there are my complaints about paradise today. It’s not like that all the time but this trip has been hell.

Oh wait.. there is more.. the electric problem fried our cable box, so I went to Aguadilla and replaced it. Choice Cable TV was great, it took maybe 15 minutes. THAT should have been my first clue. I get home and it works great, until we have another power flux. Guess where I have to go again today.. back to Aguadilla with another fried cable box.

2 responses to “No es facil

  1. It’s the paradise tax. In June I am expecting a few days w/o water, and at least 14 hours str8 with no electric. I’m sure you’ve cked into a generator and water cistern. I don’t have either. I call it fancy camping in a house. There’s always the Balneario for a shower!
    Coming from NJ it’s baffling that the locals tolerate the service disruptions. Too much.

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