Appreciation …of sorts

After being back in NJ for a full day, I realize how much I appreciate running water… and electricity… and cable boxes that work. Although our recent trip to Rincon was far from ideal when all of those things went array on us, I still feel sulky being back to civilization.


The weather is getting better in the northeast and spring flowers are out.

My favorite watering hole is open early this season because of Hurricane Sandy

and we have a few interesting projects going on at work, so I won’t sulk too long.

Here is what we finished while in Rincon


Bob and our friend Sal worked hard getting the deck roof up, we still don’t have a cover for it but at least the face boards and beams are anchored into the cement nice and tight.


We planted several more trees and did a pretty big clean up in the yard.


Now to the question of what to cover the deck with?


Our first inclination was to only use a white tarp that we can remove during nice weather. But truthfully I think I want a metal roof so we can enjoy the deck as an extension of our living space.


I was thinking I might even paint the inside of the roof a bright blue to lighten it up.

I could use some ideas. Any thoughts??

3 responses to “Appreciation …of sorts

  1. A tarp in white would let light through, would roll up and not catch wind in a storm, and may last a while if you take it down while away. Metal lets no light through (could make interior rooms dark) should be cabled down and hope we don’t get a bad hurricane. Maybe cris-cross beams across it as an arbor, and grow something not to dense on it. Or is that too creepy crawly (geckos) over head? I am still figuring that stuff out myself. When I get home to NJ I am amazed by the luxury of it all.

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