Iced Out

This week our pond should be iced out in the Adirondacks.


This is an up to date cam photo of Hoel Pond, right next door. You can see it is almost completely iced out, only a little along the shore.


We will head up there in the next few weeks to see what damage winter has had on our dock, hot tub and just the general property. By the end of June we will be swimming and boating.


This year we are adding to our flotilla. A used Doyle SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

This could be fun especially if we use it in the annual regatta on the pond.

In years past we’ve maintained a strange last minute kind of theme. Actually there is no theme, just strangeness.


In 2012 we had a few left over Snookie placards from one of our clients. Now we are NOT a fan of Snookie, but she made it an interesting entry into the regatta. In the middle is a totem of “The Situation” that my brother carved. I have no idea why he decided to make a totem of him, but he hold our swim tubes and adds to the general conversation.


July 2011- The year of the camouflage. I think it was because we had a moose hat and some branches cut down from something. Not too clever, but whatever works as long as your drinking Labatts Blue.


July 2010 – the year of the flag bikini. We had flags, Krista had the bikini. end of story.


Our neighbors are far more into it. They really think about their floats and boats. We’ve had Supreme Court Judges, Bride and Brides/no Groom, Garden Clubs, Gay themes (since lots of are neighbors are), Going to the Dogs and “I can see Alaska from my House”.


You would think since we are in advertising and marketing we could do better.

Maybe this year.

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