Time Marches On…


It’s been over a month since I last added a post to my blog and I think It’s because I couldn’t focus on anything.  Silly really, but everything seemed so half assed and unfinished. When Sandy hit we were so lucky not to have any real damage to our home, but our yard did get a beating. So as only Bob would do, he felt like taking on all the projects himself. this meant digging out a new hole for our little pool that had to be replace, and of course he did that by hand. Our huge pine tree was taken out by the storm so why not extend the patio??!! Of course he needs to do that by hand too. So nothing is complete and I don’t want to do before and after till there is an after!


We will be leaving for camp later this week so that will be something to talk about. We went up the end of May and promptly left 2 days later because it was wet, cold and snowing. Ugh.. couldn’t get much done with nasty weather. So when we arrive this Friday the NEXT project will begin. I’m guessing the new dock will be high on the list of priorities (along with smoking meat) for Bob and Jim.


I’m hoping these projects get finished up in the next few weeks. Maybe by mid July I will have the backyard update and when we get back from camp I’ll have lots to talk about.

Family, friends and coumadi’s will be there. Fun times.

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