We lived like sleep away campers last week and never wanted it to end! Every July we have a big get together at our camp in the Adirondacks with family and friends from Rochester. My Dad had a close friend named Ed. They worked together and our families vacationed together every year at Fish Creek Ponds in the Adirondacks. Over the years the next few generations carried on the tradition and still head up that way with our kids and grandkids. There are about 20something of us now and many of them still camp at Fish Creek. We have 5 bedrooms (little tiny bedrooms),  and there are full of my kids and their boyfriends, Uncle Jim and my “big sisters” Suzie and Paula.

 Image This year rain was forecast for a lot of the week but that never stops us.

Jim and Bob put up a lean-to in front of the fireplace so we could sit outside at night.


Jim also made us this really fantastic table for under the canopy. It’s 12 ft long and made of stripped telephone poles. He welded a brace for the bottom and capped it with

welded green stars.


Victor (Alex’s BF) helped Jim make 2 benches for the table.


Jim was also was in charge of smoking meat. We ate really well!! Jim smoked brisket and pull pork.


The girls love their Uncle Jim


The sun came out every day for about 20 minutes then it rained and came out again. We are so use to it in the mountains it never bothers us.


Growing up camping, we would put on our swim suits in the morning and took them off at dusk when the mosquitos came out.

 and then…Image
We would sit by the fire
                                         Church Pond Regatta 2013
Our 3rd? Annual Regatta on Church Pond is a fun time where we actually get to see all our neighbors. Years ago when we built our camp we were the youngest family on the Pond. I think we still are believe it or not.  We are a pretty liberal progressive crowd and we have several friends who have been with their partners for years and years and years.
I think there should be a new law though..
Imagethe law should read, NO CUTE DOGS!! they always win!! Capt. Flip and Sue were beat out this year though.. even though the were too cute for words.
The winners of this years Regatta are… US!! Bob, Doug (Krista’s BF) and Krista captained a real special boat.. built by all but mostly Jim
They made a wall of beer cans to simulate Saranac Lake’s Winter Carnival Ice Palace. They towed Krista on the SUP and (and a toboggan on top). Cross country ski’s added to the decor holding up the flags.
ImageWe’re pretty patriotic on our pond.
ImageAnd we love our sign tree.

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