It really feels like, feels like Summers gone. ~KINKS


It’s not just the Sandy aftermath that makes us say that. It was another perfect storm of stuff that made it feel like it came and went without much to say.

It rained several weekends in July, got very hot a few other weeks. The beaches were open but there were NO WAVES all summer so sitting on the beach was torturous.

But  Sept 12, 2013 there are WAVES and SUN and it feels like a perfect September day. I think every surfer I know is in the water today. Lots of kids playing hooky and even more adults calling in sick.


We worked on the yard in the early summer. Bob was relentless in getting his projects done. Sandy did wreck our yard but luckily in some positive ways. We had a 40 foot pine that we loved and we lost it during the storm, but the yard actually opened up when it was gone. Sometimes you need to see the big picture and rid yourself of preconceptions. We always thought we would lose privacy without the tree, but instead it opened us up to new ideas. Bob enlarged our brick patio and I have plans for a vegetable garden at the end of the brick area. It would be a perfect place, next to the grill and cooler.

IMG_3574  we then decided we needed to wreck it again by having a big party 😉

IMG_3575 we always have a special guest appearance, this year it was the most interesting man in the world

IMG_3581 the mad dash for food

IMG_3585   and drink

IMG_3643and aftermath

IMG_3500 IMG_3559

We also lost our old pool and needed to replace it. It’s a funny old pool but we loved it because it was more like a glorified above ground , in the ground redneck idea of a built in pool. When we moved into our house 27 or 28 years ago it was there and we just left it and build around it. I’m not as happy with this “new” pool. It is too octagional and not as round.

The “quiver” of surfboards are highlighted,  But the deck and yard looked really beautiful.  Especially with instagram filters.

Can’t we always look at life thru instagram filters?


We had a few more intimate dinners too..

IMG_3617 grandma and the girls were around



We did have fun outside our yard this non-summer. Many  weekend evenings were spent in Asbury Park listening to music.

IMG_3756  Stone-Pony-Summer-Stage-300x186

The Stone Pony has a great summer stage outside that overlooks the boardwalk.


The Watermark Bar has an outside second story deck faces the summer stage so you can see and hear the concerts without paying the price ( and when I say price, I’m not just talking about money, but squished into kid/young adult  filled area).

The whirlpool mosh pit at the Pennywise concert was so intense I’m surprised they didn’t create a vortex into a new dimension. I can’t imagine being in the middle of that!

police pod

Pennywise opened for Sublime with Rome (who we really went to see) but the Asbury Park Police Department had other ideas. They blocked the view with the portable police pod.

Way to go .. Who do you work for? the public or LiveNation?

But it was still a great concert.


This past weekend we saw Matisyahu who looked especially cute without his Hassid gear. Kind of weird seeing him crowd surf though.

I don’t know who to credit for this picture, I thought my friend Joanne took it but it was someone else.  but CREDIT.. to SOMEONE


We paid for a few shows too, at the Pony and The WonderBar. Great nights seeing  The Specials, The English Beat,  and Joe Grushecky with good friends.

IMG_3746    IMG_3243 IMG_3477  who’s bartending..

images  IMG_3502

Music aside we had some fun times at Asbury Park Yacht Club, Langosta Lounge and Beach Bar.The Watermark is still the nicest bar on the beach but they have very NYC prices at the inside bar so we stayed outside.


Lines of people try to get into places like Porta after 11pm. Several good restaurants turn into great music venues after hours,  Porta turns into a disco. Dauphin and Langosta have music events after 10pm.

And now, the tragedy of the non-summer.

Unknown-2 Unknown-1

I started writing this  post on Sept 12, 2013.  Later that afternoon in the day I left work and ran home.

As soon as I opened my car door at home I smelled burning plastic.  Really strong and getting worse.

Both Bob and Kris were home and ran outside trying to figure it out.

A few minutes later I learned that Kohrs Frozen Custard stand was on fire.

Online said it was in Seaside Park (about 10 miles away), but I thought maybe they had the wrong Kohrs Custard Stand  and it was the one on

Point Pleasant boardwalk (less than a mile away).

As everyone knows now, it was Seaside.

Fire.. water… it’s been a bad year for everyone on the Jersey Shore.

I commented on WNYC radio today , and this is what I said :

The wind that drove the flames was so strong, you could smell it in Asbury Park, over 20 miles away.
In Manasquan, you would have thought it was next door.
If you were on the beach anywhere along that part of the Jersey Shore you could see the smoke. It was very reminiscent of what we saw on 9/11.

It’s true. 12 years and one day from 9.11.01 We sat at the beach and watched the smoke from the twin towers (50 miles away).

I sat on the beach with my friend Eva that day and she said

“look at the smoke, it’s the souls of all who were lost”.

None of us ever forget that day.

Everyone I know has a 9.11 story,  some people lost someone, but all of us have a story… and all of us on the Jersey Shore will never forget.

2 responses to “It really feels like, feels like Summers gone. ~KINKS

  1. such a heartfelt, eloquent way to tell you life’s story! Good thoughts and prayers to you and yours!

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