Color in a Small town

Adirondack Mountains are in their PEAK colors right now.


This past weekend we headed up to camp to check out how our house fared.

Another summer of renters and parties sometimes takes a toll on everything. This year we had a major pipe break and it flooded the basement. After a clean out, insurance adjusters and a great company that dried us out and made everything ok again…it looks pretty  good.


We are getting ready for winter and the boat is strapped to the dock, in the early morning mist lifting off the pond and our swim raft in perfect position I think I captured the photo of the year (well in my own mind anyway).

And believe it or not, I took it with my iphone.


Here is what it looked like 10 minutes later from a different angle


We took a few  pictures of our favorite college town. Saranac Lake was our home all during college at Paul Smiths and we love it. the Hotel Saranac or “Hot Sara” as we called it looms ahead

on the top of the hill. We’ve recently heard that it will be refurbished and hopefully looking like new again.  All our hotel and restaurant training took place in the Hot Sara along with some

crazy parties, secret stashes in  basement hideaways, poker games in unrented rooms, 3am kitchen raids and god knows what else.


Color isn’t just in the foliage but in the people of the Adirondacks.  I worked for a colorful character in the 1970’s while in college Forrest “Dew Drop” Morgan owned “Dew Drop Inn” and I did a little of everything in that legendary place. Dew and his family are Saranac Lake icons and legends in the bobsledding community. Dew was a national bobsled champion and former manager of the U.S. Olympic team. He died last year at the age of 90. His son John Morgan is NBC’s bobsled analyst for the Olympics. At least 4 of the 11 kids tried out for the Olympics or participated. Jimmy Morgan died on the bobsled track in 1981 in Italy while qualifying and Kelly Morgan was a college friend. Dew Drop Inn  was  a family business and I worked with most of the kids at one time or another. Many of the kids continued in bobsledding and the restaurant industry. I’ll miss Bryan Morgan when he leaves to go back out to Park City Utah. He ran a few great restaurants in town.

lake flower

Saranac Lake needs to rethink itself. It could benefit with a good marketing company to draw people in as a tourist destination. It’s a great area for summer and winter sports. It’s 15 minutes from Lake Placid and as you can see by the photo’s it’s a great place to visit for fall foliage. It’s hard to keep a restaurant business going in the best of times, but in a little community like Saranac Lake it can be nearly impossible without a good tourist draw.

We were there for Bryan’s swan song this past weekend. Best Margaritas anywhere and a flair for great food and company.


A place that probably should have a swan song is “Tail o the Pup”. No.. not really, it would be GREATLY missed if it ceased to exsist. Don’t go for the food unless you get their great waffle fries and a big Kahuna Burger. It’s a hokey place in the ADK’s and has looked the same since the 1960’s. I remember when I was little I wanted to stay there because they had cute little cottages and you could EAT and PLAY there. Ahh yes.. fun times.

skijumps olympic

Lake Placid Olympic arena, the iconic Ski Jumps and the bobsled and luge run


It’s what you DON’T see in this picture that I will never forget.  Just off to the left is a small house, nothing much to note BUT just after I took this picture a NAKED MAN

jumped up from where he was lying in the field and sprinted toward the house!  I’m guessing he wanted to commune with nature on a picture perfect day, but GEESH he lives on a

major roadway LOTS of people stop to take pictures…. oh wait.. maybe that was his point!

cascade2 cascade1cascade

the High Peaks at Upper Cascade Lake

Colorful Characters and Colorful Landscapes. The Adirondacks.

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