Surf Zombies?


Surf Zombie


Fun stuff on the Jersey Shore.

September and October and the best months at the Jersey Shore.


The summer crowds are gone and we have it to ourselves. Early September is still summer with the added bonus of no beach badges, easier parking and bigger waves. The water remains warm and it’s the best time for Surf Contests.

dsc_0157 trophies

Bob and I ran the Manasquan Classic Longboard Contest for 14 (or 15?) years. The surfboards have to be OLD, made before 1967, and old boards are heavy and turn like logs.

It’s a lot of work putting that contest together and we were getting tired. This year we handed over to someone else and had a FUN day at the event.

We actually had the time to mingling with our friends, watching the contest, be IN the contest and still have time for food and a bathroom break. The food and bathroom break has always been hard to do when we ran the contest. You would get 10 feet towards the restrooms and people were stopping you asking a million questions.


They decided to do away with a few things this year. Two of my favorites were tandem and clown heats. I’m gonna miss the clown heats the most. Can you imagine riding a pre 1967 longboard dressed up this this garb?


The contest is always in September, the tide charts determine when the contest will be held and in 2001 it was later in the month. Then, 9-11 happened. Two weeks later we had the contest. It was a somber affair and the ocean was just as sad and pissed as the humans. It blew a hard nor’easter that day and made it difficult to have little kids in the water. We persevered and chilly as it was, we had the event.

9:11 paddleout

On the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 we held the contest. We had a bagpiper on the beach while all the surfers held a Paddle Out. A Paddle Out is the way surfers throughout the world honor their dead. It’s a floating memorial service, with flowers, a prayer and reminiscing.

And then came the Zombies…. almost 10,000 of them!

In early October Asbury Park holds a Zombie Walk… it’s always  amazing to see the creativity of humanity.

the NEW JERSEY ZOMBIE WALK took back it’s WORLD RECORD for largest number of Zombies in a gathering!


I think clowns are scary without being zombies,


The clown on the left was my favorite, he wasn’t trying to be cute. Just scary.


Krista had to work and had no time to dress up between jobs so she just served beer to the zombies.

zombiecouple DSC_0039

I thought these kids were just the cutest couple so I asked them to kiss for me.


This was a great mask. Bob has one like this somewhere, probably dry rotted in the attic.


Tillie is a freak. Tillie always freaks me out.

Love the shore in the fall….Always something fun happening. Now since Banksy in in NYC this October, wouldn’t it be great if he took a little day trip to Asbury Park and do a little art,  life would be complete.

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