Before and After – an IKEA hack

As an Apartment Therapy junkie I follow every “before and after” they publish.

About a month go I was especially taken with the IKEA hack that Krys from Melodrama performed with the Ikea expidit bookcase.

My daughter Krista just moved into a cute ground floor apartment in Asbury Park NJ.  She  had an Ikea Expidit bookcase in her bedroom at home forever and it needed a new life.  Her new apartment has a huge entry hall that could easily double as a dining room. The walls being a rental are pretty basic in color and the floor is old linoleum.


I thought it would be great to kill 2 birds with one stone, so we used Krys’s idea and created a hall bench with storage for shoes and kept the bench back a bit lower so she could hang her well used surfboard above the bench while still providing seating for the tallest guest.


There is a fireplace in the hallway that makes it feel more like a room than an entry hall


My husband Bob made simple feet for the bookcase out of a leftover piece 4×4 post and painted them black. We had some old plywood that we cut and used for the back of the seat and for the seat itself. I bought 4 yards of  fabric and 3” foam for the seat and 1/2 inch foam for the seat back. The fabric is 54” wide. I cut the fabric in half lengthwise so I would have 2 full yards. I then pieced the 54” wide fabric together and sewed it to make the fabric 108” x 72”.  We stapled the fabric to the seat (foam with plywood bottom) and the seat back (foam over plywood). We also attached the seat to the expidit shelf so the seat would be permanent. All told it probably cost about $120.00 to make, but I’m sure it could be done much cheaper . Actually we DID buy the fabric on sale but it was still over $15.00 a yard.


We needed to be specific in color since her living room furniture is grey with yellow accents. The hall opens into the living room so we wanted it to flow.



Next up will be a narrow table that could be used for dinner parties in her hallway/dining room and a rug.

Pallet wood would make a great table, I’m sure I saw that on “Before and After”.. let me see….after

And maybe a little more color.  (Krista and her boyfriend Doug)

Linda (aka Surfmama on Apartment Therapy)

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