Giuseppe’s Chair

this is one of those before and after type posts. I seem to be on a roll with reusing stuff lately and I just LOVE looking at pictures of before and after furniture.

I have had this chair in and out of my life for the past 20 years.


I bought it at the sale of old hotel furniture and had it stripped (it was painted cream color and it was bad). After I had it stripped I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. No stain would look good since the wood was not good to start with.


So it was used in several rooms, it looked fine during the shabby chic era but it made the rounds with family and friends. The last straw was when I found it about to be throw out by my daughter. I decided to try once more to give it a life. I painted it a black enamel and then used vintage wool for the seat.


The wool is from the 1920’s. They were scraps my grandfather (Giuseppe Pavano) would bring home from his job as a handyman at Michael Sterns in Rochester NY. He came to this country from Sicily in 1910 and worked as a laborer.


I freehand cut and sewed this seat, the top stitch is with a mixed color metallic thread.


2 responses to “Giuseppe’s Chair

  1. Your chair looks very nice this way. However, I can’t keep from wishing you had used some of the chalk paints or done something to highlight the fabulous details.

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